“We need a new fridge”

“Okay small big or medium?”

“Small please”

“Alright, what time is good for you?”

“Friday the 13th will be good”

“But Friday the thirteenth is unlucky”

“Well it’s the only time I’m free”

“Okay Friday the 13th it is”


Friday 13th


“Hi right here please and through that door way”


A few minutes later

“Am… mam I don’t think it fits”

“WHAT, $1120 dollars for this, argggggg”

“Mam don’t wor…”


5 hours laters

Pant pant pant. “Mam it doesn’t fit stop trying”

“NEVER, mmmm arrrrrrrr errrrr ahhh”

Hmph “if only it was a bit smaller”


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