Dan #3 1788

at dawn. I was worried I didn’t know what to do so I tried sleep calmly. In the morning Goodwin and I was walking behind the captain and he said to build a suitable place to flog me. I was grabbing some sticks when all of a sudden Warawi came with animal skin it seemed liked something was in it, Goodwin told me that I was already in so much trouble  but I ignored him, I said it wasn’t a good time but some how she signalled me to come Warawi opened up the animal skin and a baby dingo was in there and Goodwin had a Idea so I wouldn’t be flogged.


The captain came and said best wishes and also said any last words that was the perfect time to explain the plan. I held out a the baby dingo and said it would better if the governor had a baby dingo to teach hunting and the captain liked the idea he said it was my responsibility and told next time don’t break the rules and we Marched back to camp.

Polar bear 100WC T3 W6

“Hello” I said no one answered. “Anyone here” but it echoed. I was trapped, …on once a huge Deseret. No ice, No fish, nobody. It was hot, …hotter then usual. I lost my… my… myself. Only if I had friends, family and yet I’ve just got a small island… once the biggest desert in the world. Nobody here, …one second… it was, it was me and my family, the next second it’s just, just, just me. It was melting every second I await for the grim reaper. I imagine that I will go back to the good days just me, my friends and my family.

Dan 1788 #2

I was at  shore trying to teach the dog to go fetch but when Robert came up he wanted me to tie him up. I grabbed a stick and Goodwin said that  you shouldn’t be so blue but I told him that the governor made the rule that you can’t take something from the natives with out paying them. I went to my tent I had nicked a dice a coin and some purple wool then I thought, this is not the expectations. I went to the cook and he asked me that you can’t be starving already but I lied and said that my feet hurt and wanted some dripping to put in my shoes. Secretly I grabbed a bag of fat and tossed it out the back so no one could catch me. I delivered some food to Roberts he said grabbed the rations and  gave his telescope expecting me to put it his bag but instead I put into my bag. He said drum us of, we are marching to the point. So I drummed them off.

Dan 1788

Today I was in loading the water then suddenly the captain called me he said that Latha (a native dog) was following me so he sent me to go on a mission to faint that dog. Dogs were often used for hunting, a army worker was following me I asked if they might of belonged to the natives but he thought they just hanged around their because he really didn’t care about the natives possessions all he cared for is stealing them.


I called for Warani but I couldn’t see her I turned my back but then all of a sudden she jumped out of the tree. I typed to warn her but she thought it was a game. The men all shouted ‘good job dan’ or ‘well done dan’ yah something like that. We took the dog and shouted back. The captain said it was my responsibility but of course it was my responsibility.


All of a sudden there was a rock attack and of course they were back on their feet thinking it was a attack but it wasn’t it was warani on her own throwing rocks the captin came out and said something like what’s all the fuss or something like that.


Complex Sentences


We have been looking at complex sentences in class. A complex sentence is a sentence that has a dependent clause as well as a main clause. A main clause on its own is called a simple sentences.

We were given the following simple sentences based on the image below and I have turned them into complex sentences (with the dependent clause in italics.)



The men sat at the table. After a long days, the men sat at the table.
The men wore red coats. The men wore red coats because it was the new fashion .
The men were feeling tired. After the big dinner, the men were feeling tired.
The table was piled high with food. It was a long daythe table was piled high with food.
The weather was very hot today. Again, the weather was very hot today.









Convicts child.

Earlier today I stole a hole out fit but first I tell a little bit about me, I work as a shoe maker and it was boring and that’s why I stole. I was caught and sentenced to 7 years over seas. I knew that I would have to share my room with 700 hundred people but yet 17 kids and twenty people would not survive and I could be that twenty. When we left Portsmouth it was hot and humid a lot of rats and bugs got into our food. We stopped at a fare few places we needed to stock up on food after Portsmouth so we stopped at rio de janeiro again we needed to stock up on them food so we stopped at cape of good hope. The Tripp was long and about 7 months and we arrived there at 1788 Tuesday 26 of January. First we landed  at Van Diemens land but we didn’t like that so we stopped at this nice and cool land. It looked lis South Wales so we named it New South Wales. We saw this giant jumping rate which were orange weird right. We camped there and I saw a glimpse of the captain putting up the British flag.

…but when I looked behind me…

The clock had 2 mins left we were loosing by 5 points it was a ball up in the backwards 50 meter. Tom tapped it to me I ran through the corridor I kicked it to Ryan. He passed it to me, it was a 80 meter kick so I ran down the wing but when I looked behind me 3 men were chasing me faster and faster after me I sprinted it was a good 50 meter kick out form goals but from the boundary is hard I kicked and scored the siren had sound. We had won the grand final.

100WC T3W4

It was cold and there was mist in the air smoke diluting the air with factory’s every where. Cargo-ships coming in and out unloading then loading. 5 cargo-ships where coming with broking cars the factory was on a 1million dill, their compony was on the line. On the crack of dawn I walked I saw something rather odd, I looked down and the water was black I saw the bow end of the ship sinking.

Cargo boxes flew out every where Brocken cars sank down to the bottom a part of the ship floated directly to me I saw a shipreck.


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My Place – 1788

Today I walked behind Barangaroo she had dingo on her it was warm, the big tree brunches hanged over with some light going through the gaps of the leaves. While the dead levels crunched every time you stepped. It smelled humid the sun was up there was still dew on the bushes which has been grown in the shade. It was a good day for hunting and there’s a lake near by to cool of.

We talked about getting Mung back into the tribe there was a agreement that a dance battle was to be called Who ever wins gets to fish. She did her dance moves which were pretty good but it was my time to go I flapped my wings no one answered were really every one knows it’s a wedged tail eagle it was time for voting I threatened them ha should of seen their wimpy faces then we took our spears to go fishing and the big ceremony worked and the big cod won him back